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Graphic Linen Collection 1 Skirt and Cami

News & Events

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No wardrobe is complete without handmade designer accessories and, here at Pia Du Pradal, we only stock the best. Whether you like to shop for already-made women’s wear or you have a custom request, our designers are well skilled to incorporate your requests and create the piece perfect for you! When creating custom pieces, you will be the centre of attention at our studio as we take into account your shape and stance. Read our news and see what is coming up at Pia du Pradal in the near future. 

Upcoming Events

As frontrunners in ethical fashion, we are asked to attend events run by similarly-minded boutiques. Here on our News page is where you will find announcements for upcoming events both locally and further afield. Be the first to know what’s happening at Pia du Pradal, including launch nights, special events, sales and more. Keep abreast of our activities here and contact us if you have any questions.

Stay in the loop with the latest style news and contact us on 07 3870 0744 if you have any questions.

Lace Wing Butterfly Collection 4 jacket